Enjoy the 3D Cube Effect with this Virtual Desktop Manager


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Thanks to this amazing Virtual Desktop Manager featuring the Cube 3D effect you will be able to experience the Cube 3D effect you usually see when you use Linux.

If you liked Yod'M 3D, you'll love DeskSpace, because it's the next step in the development. OtakuSoftware has realized the success of Yod'm 3D and they have decided to continue the project.

Now DeskSpace is more than a 3D Desktop Manager. It offers great features like choosing the rotation speed, the graphic level, the zoom, transparency, mirror effect,...

Now it's better than before, if you move a window out of the screen the cube will turn automatically, you can set different wallpapers for each side of the cube, so you'll always know the desktop you are on.

Now we'll have multiple virtual desktops (exactly 4) and we will change from one side to another with that trendy 3D cube.

Choose the activation hotkeys in order to make more useful the application and start enjoying this amazing effect which is both useful and fashionable.

Don't hesitate, DeskSpace will give an amazing look to your desktop and it will power up your computer experience.

30 day trial version

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